Current Exhibitions

German Jews at the Eastern Front in WWI: Modernism Meets Tradition

The German Army marching into Neu Sendec during WWI. Bundesarchiv.

At the outset of WWI, German Jews were hopeful to finally claim their rightful place in German society as equal citizens by demonstrating their loyalty and patriotism. Although the enthusiasm for WWI was not entirely unanimous among Jews, the idea of freeing East European Jews from Czarist oppression was welcomed by all. This exhibition documents the fascinating encounters between German Jews and the shtetl culture in Eastern Europe that informed new debates about assimilation, peoplehood, and religion.

Exhibition: Facing History: Portraits from the LBI Art Collection

Artist unknown. Unidentified mother and daughter. Germany, mid-19th century.

At the core of LBI’s Art Collection are well over 1,000 portraits of Jews from Central Europe that reflect the changing cultural dynamics from the 18th century to the 20th century.

New Exhibition on Jewish Berliners in Weimar Germany held in Ambassador’s Residence

(© / Zacarias Garcia)

On Monday, March 17, Ambassador Peter Ammon hosted the opening of a new Leo Baeck Institute exhibition at his residence. “Advancing Modernity: Jewish Berliners in Weimar Germany, 1919-1933″ was curated by the Leo Baeck Institute from its extensive collection of personal papers, books and other artifacts. The exhibit features the outstanding achievements of several Jewish…