Hanns Wolters: Émigré Impressario Berlin/Palestine/New York

Hanns Wolters

With a career that went from “discovering” Marlene Dietrich to representing young American actors Sylvester Stallone and F. Murray Abraham, Hanns Wolters was a theatrical agent and impressario who fled the Nazis, emigrated to Palestine, and ultimately arrived in New York – using his great dramatic flair to improvise productions all along the way. Together with his wife, actress Mitzi Bera, Wolters put on shows in the desert for British and Australian troops. Thanks to his successful career in Berlin, Wolters was able to attract musicians, singers and actors who were either emigrating to or passing through Palestine on the way to safety.

Wolters made his way to New York to continue his career as an agent whose eye for discovering promising new talent never left him. Leo Baeck Institute is proud to present the details of this fascinating life through photos, letters, playbills, posters and other documents that have never before been shown, bringing to life several decades of history that have escaped widespread attention until now.

October 30, 2007 – March 18, 2008 at Leo Baeck Institute

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