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“The Art of the Book” at the German Ambassador’s Residence

The LBI exhibit “The Art of the Book” covers centuries of contributions by German Jews to literary culture.  The “people of the book” have shaped the culture of the written word not just as authors, but also as collectors, designers, and illustrators.  Although the exhibit is at the German Ambassador’s residence and not currently open…

“The Art of the Book” Presents LBI Collections on Jewish Book Art at German Ambassador’s Residence

Renata Stein and Klaus Scharioth

As part of the Leo Baeck Institute’s ongoing cooperation with the German Embassy in Washington, DC, Ambassador Klaus Scharioth opened the third exhibition in his residence featuring objects from LBI collections. “The Art of the Book” is devoted to the contributions of Jewish writers, illustrators, designers, publishers and collectors to literature and learning in Germany.

Video: Joschka Fischer and Norbert Frei, the German Foreign Office and the Nazi Past

Excerpts of former German Foreign Minister, Joschka Fischer, and author Norbert Frei discussing “The German Foreign Office and the Past” at LBI. It was the first public discussion of the research initiative and book in New York.

Joschka Fischer Addresses Role of German Foreign Office in Nazi Persecution

Former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer discussed his role as initiator of a commission to investigate the role that German diplomats played in Hitler’s apparatus of persecution. The event, which was the first public discussion of the initiative in the US, was co-sponsored by the American Council on Germany and the New School for Social Research.