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Alva, pseud.
Paintings; Oil paintings
Portrait of Dr. Samuel Jessner
Lichtenstein, Eva, 1895-1987, artist
Drawings; Charcoal drawings
Seder Plate
Unknown Artist
Ceremonial objects; Sedar plate
Portrait of Dr. Franz Kobler (1882-1965)
Unknown Artist
Oil paintings
Portrait of Bertha Pappenheim
Edinger, Dora, 1890-1977, attributed to
Paintings; Oil paintings
Portrait of Hermann Struck (1876-1944)
Masjutyn, Wasyl, 1884-1955, artist
Woodcuts; Prints
Head of Constantin Brunner
Unknown Artist
Japanese mother and child
Orlik, Emil, 1870-1932, artist
Woodcuts; Prints
The morning prayer II
Laboschin, Siegfried, 1868-1929, artist
Etchings; Prints
Visionary Portrait
Nadel, Arno, 1878-1943
Drawings; Pastels
Portrait of K. von Halm
Halm, Peter, 1853-1923, artist
Prints; Etchings
The Printing Press
Lilien, Ephraim Mose, 1874-1925
Etchings; Prints
Portrait of Mary Wigman
Segall, Lasar, 1891-1957
Portrait head of Dr. Salomo Friedlaender-Mynona (1871 - 1946)
Lesser, Rudi, 1901-1988
Portrait of Chaim Weizmann (1874-1952)
Lang, David
Etchings; Prints; Drawings
View of Cologne
Struck, Hermann, 1876-1944
Etchings; Prints; Drawings
Bad Company
Steiner-Prag, Hugo, 1880-1945
Oil paintings; Paintings
Apple Blossoms
Kopf, Maxim, 1892-1958
The old Sudermann and the young Sudermann
Trier, Walter, 1890-1951
Man Embracing a Seraph
Hasler, Bernhard, 1884-1945, artist
Prints; Lithographs
Boys in a Schoolyard
Möller, Otto, 1883-1964, artist
Prints; Etchings
Head of a man
Anger, Herbert, 1892-1945, artist
Woodcuts; Prints
Acrobat family
Meid, Hans, 1883-1957, artist
Drypoints; Prints
Arthur Nikisch Conducting (1855-1922)
Spiro, Eugen, 1874-1972, artist
Lithographs; Prints
Portrait of a young man
Neuser, U., artist
Etchings; Prints; Drawings