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Anti-Napoleonic Cartoons 1812
Unknown Artist
Three studies for a book illustration
Liebermann, Max, 1847-1935, artist
Commemorative Medal for the Exposition Universelle Anvers
Wiener, Charles, 1832-1887
Medals; Objects
Wood Torah Pointer given to Ludwig August Frankl
Unknown Artist
Torah ornaments; Torah pointers; Ceremonial objects
Seven-arm Menorah
Unknown Artist
Menorahs (temple lamps); Ceremonial objects
Portrait of a Monheimer Family member
Unknown Artist
Paintings; Oil paintings
Portrait of Josie Rudolph Thurnauer
Unknown Artist
Portrait of Josie Rudolph as a young girl
Unknown Artist
Gelatin silver prints
Portrait of Meier Grünbaum
Unknown Artist
Pastels; Paintings
Small Brass Crown
Unknown Artist
Wall hangings; Furnishings and equipment
Seal: Direction der deutschen Rabbiner - Wittwen & Waissenkasse Frankfurt am Main
Unknown Artist
Seals; Objects
[Portrait of Hale Meyer] : [framed]
Unknown Artist
Paintings; Tempera paintings
Portrait of Samuel Mayer Ehrenberg (1773 - 1853)
Schröder, Johann W.
Paintings; Tempera paintings
Portrait of Baer Monasch
Henschel, Wilhelm, 1785-1865
Pastels; Drawings
Portrait of Abraham Geiger (1810-1874)
Unknown Artist
Mezzotints; Prints; Drawings
Interior with baby in cradle
Liebermann, Max, 1847-1935, artist
Etchings; Prints
Portrait of Ignaz Kuranda (1812-1884)
Kriehuber, Josef, 1800-1876, artist
Lithographs; Prints
Tired Old Woman Reflecting
Struck, Hermann, 1876-1944
Etchings; Prints; Drawings
The Old New Synagogue in Prague
Kandler, Wilhelm, 1816-1898, artist
Engravings; Prints
Portrait of Adolf Bernhard Marx (1799-1866)
Engelbach, Georg, 1817-1894
Lithographs; Prints; Drawings; Portraits
Portrait of Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880)
Weger, August, 1823-1892, engraver
Prints; Engravings; Drawings; Portraits
Portrait of Carl August, Prince of Hardenberg (1750-1822)
Bollinger, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1777-1825, engraver
Prints; Engravings
Three Views of a Female Nude
Liebermann, Max, 1847-1935, artist
Charcoal drawings; Drawings
Portrait of a Member of the Thurnauer Family (Woman)
Unknown Artist
Paintings; Tempera paintings
Portrait of Schemaja Maas
Pinhas, Solomon, 1759-1839, artist
Paintings; Tempera paintings