Weißbiersuppe mit Grieß | Wheat Beer Soup with Semolina

This recipe for “Weißbiersuppe mit Gries” (wheat or white beer soup with semolina) is from from the ninth edition of Rebekka Wolf’s Kochbuch für israelitische Frauen is a good way to get rid of unfinished beer, but there are no instructions for how to get rid of left-over beer soup.

Stuffed Chicken

Gumprich’s stuffed chicken recipe is probably my favorite of all the dishes I have prepared using cookbooks from the LBI collections. I liked it; my guests liked it; my cat went nuts when I took the chicken out of the oven and lunged for a piece. The best part about this dish was that it was very easy to prepare. It required only a few ingredients and little preparation.

Three Matzo Kugels

If you find yourself with a surfeit of matzos after Passover, or anytime really, Matzo Kugel is a great way to transform a food that is frankly richer in ritual significance than flavor into a true treat. While they are all constructed around the modest unleavened cracker, each of these sweet kugels packs a successively bigger caloric wallop thanks to the addition of successively larger amounts of fat, sugar, and, finally, alcohol.

Mushroom Strudel as submitted by Bea Bayer in “Recipes Remembered: German-Jewish Specialties”

This savory variation on a fruit strudel comes from Recipes Remembered, a community cookbook assembled at New York’s Congregation Habonim in 1976. It might have been a kosher alternative to meat filled pastry dough dishes common in Germany.