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Rabbi Walter Plaut and the 1961 Freedom Ride

The story of Rabbi Walter Plaut's (1919–1964) participation in the Interfaith Freedom Ride in 1961, told based on the Walter Plaut Scrapbook in the collection of the LBI Archives.


Austrian Heritage Collection

The Austrian Heritage Collection documents the history of Austrian-Jewish émigrés who fled to the US during the Nazi years through oral history interviews and collection of archival materials.


Digitization Projects at the Leo Baeck Institute

The Leo Baeck Institute is continually making its collections more accessible by digitizing important parts of its collections.


Norbert Troller

Norbert Troller, a Czech Jewish architect, provides an eye witness account to the infamous Theresienstadt ghetto through his art.


Johanna Meyer: The Radio Princess

Johanna Meyer-Lövinson (1874-1958) captivated audiences with her literature readings. She was one of the first women on the radio in Germany and a friend and promoter of German authors and literature.


Jews in Upper Silesia

A brief history of the Upper Silesian Jewish community and a comprehensive guide to LBI's Upper Silesian collections.


1938Projekt: Lesson Plans

New York K-12 educators developed 11 ready-to-use lessons plans for Middle and High Schools based on LBI's 1938Projekt:

Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter

Dr. Frank Mecklenburg

Dr. Frank Mecklenburg ist Forschungs- und Archivleiter am Leo Baeck Institut, einer Forschungsbibliothek und einem Archiv, das die Geschichte und Kultur des deutschsprachigen Judentums dokumentiert. Der Großteil des Materials stammt aus dem 19. und 20. Jahrhundert, einige Bücher und Archivalien reichen jedoch bis ins Mittelalter zurück. Das LBI wurde 1955 …


Poetry in Preservation

The lives of German- and Austrian-Jewish poets are preserved in the letters, notes and photographs of the Leo Baeck Institute's collection.


Arno Nadel

Mainly a composer of synagogue music, Arno Nadel's rich artistic life as a conductor, poet, painter, and playwright in early 20th century Germany was tragically cut short during the Holocaust.