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Jewish Encounters in the Great War: WWI in LBI Collections

The Leo Baeck archive preserves a wide range of material pertaining to WWI as it was experienced by German speaking Jews. Here, we present a selection of photographs, letters, drawings and documents.


New Gift to Support Pilot Projects in Transcription and Photograph Digitization

Thanks to a gift from a private family foundation, LBI will launch pilot projects aimed at improving access to and discovery of two classes of materials in LBI archives that are rich in information but too often hidden from researchers: handwritten manuscripts and photographs. A significant portion of LBI’s 10,000 …


An interview with Arnon Goldfinger

In this interview, film director of The Flat, Arnon Goldfinger, talks about archives, loss, and memory.


LBI Materials Now Searchable in More Global Databases

The Leo Baeck Institute is now collaborating with Judaica Europeana, Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek, Worldcat and the Digital Public Library of America to make its holding even more accessible.


A Voice Still Heard—Music and Musicians in LBI Collections

A new website highlights the stories of German-Jewish musicians, conductors, and composers based on items in the LBI’s art, archival, and library collections.


The Jonas Family of Hamburg: A story from the Kindertransport

The Hamburg attorney Julius Jonas supported his wife, Julie, and five children with a successful law practice until 1933, when Nazi racial policy immediately began to splinter the family. Julius lost his position as a notary when the Nazis purged Jews from the civil service in 1933, and his eldest …



DigiBaeck represents LBI's digital collections, a growing treasury of artifacts that document the rich heritage of German-speaking Jewry in the modern era


Julie-Marthe Cohen Discusses Provenance Research

When Julie-Marthe Cohen visited Jewish institutions in New York to present a new handbook on provenance research in March 2017, she did not feel assured of a warm reception. “People are very concerned about time and money,” said Cohen. Provenance research, while acknowledged as an obligation by professional ethics and …

Über das LBI

Deutschsprachige Jüdinnen und Juden zeichneten sich sowohl durch ihre herausragenden individuellen als auch kollektiven Leistungen aus. Ihr Wirken prägte die europäische Moderne und deren Entwicklungen im Bereich der Kunst, Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Politik nachhaltig. Diese bis in die Gegenwart reichende Bedeutung zeigt sich unter anderem an Persönlichkeiten wie Albert Einstein, …


SHP Exhibit Opening in Kiel

Anlässlich des Gedenk- und Jubiläumsjahrs „1700 Jahre jüdisches Leben im deutschsprachigen Raum“ präsentiert der Schleswig-Holsteinische Landtag eine Ausstellung des Leo Baeck Institute – New York | Berlin. 2021 markiert das 1700-jährige Jubiläum des frühesten Dokuments, das eine jüdische Gemeinde im Gebiet des deutschsprachigen Raums erwähnt. Um die facetten­reichen Narrative jüdischer …