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Jewish Soldiers & Fighters in WWII

Leading experts from universities, archives, libraries and museums will gather alongside members of the public, veterans, and their families to discuss Jewish soldiers and fighters in WWII.


Moritz Daniel Oppenheim

Moritz Daniel Oppenheim's portraits of German nobility and his genre scenes of Jewish family life and customs made him the "first Jewish painter of the modern era."

Holiday Baking and Hanukkah


Spitzbuben - a recipe from Marie Kauders's Vollständiges israelitisches Kochbuch. 1898


Ruth Jacobsen

The life, work, and art of Ruth Jacobsen, an artist and Hidden Child.


Out of the Box: Snapshots of a Life

With a keen photographic eye and sharp sense of humor, Emil Carl Grossmann documented his life as he encountered the quotidian joys and historic upheavals characterizing a life that spanned the 20th century. Diverse materials including autographed playbills, photographs of zoo animals, and personal ads, along with reminders of his …



A culinary journey into LBI's rich collections of cookbooks & handwritten recipes of German-Jewish Leckerbissen.


Community Outreach in Portland: Where the Yekkes Wear Flannel

Michael Simonson answers questions about the work of the LBI New York to participants in a workshop at the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education in January, 2020.


From Prague to Princeton: Tracing the Story of the Kulbach Family

Devotion, heartache, intrigue, New Age spiritualism, the von Trapp family, a love triangle, and even Matthew Broderick! The Frankl-Kulbach family collection has it all.


Safeguarding LBI Collections with Knowledge and Planning

Practicing recovery & restoration of waterlogged books, papers, & other artifacts is just one of the ways that staff at LBI and CJH ensure that our collections will endure even if disaster strikes.


Experiencing 1933, One Day and One Document at a Time

The online project “1933: The Beginning of the End of German Jewry” presents a variety of primary source materials that bear witness to the disenfranchisement and exclusion of German Jews.