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Haggadot at the Leo Baeck Institute

A chronological tour of the Haggadot in the LBI Library's rare book collection.



Stammbaum is the only English language publication of German Jewish genealogy. Published 1992-2007, it has attracted an international readership of professional and amateur genealogists, and facilitates the exchange of helpful and sound information, techniques, sources, and archival material. It includes human interest and anecdotal material, which add verisimilitude to genealogical …


Moritz Daniel Oppenheim

Moritz Daniel Oppenheim's portraits of German nobility and his genre scenes of Jewish family life and customs made him the "first Jewish painter of the modern era."


Deutscher Bunestag - Shared History Projekt

Blick in die Ausstellung „Shared History - 1700 Jahre jüdisches Leben im deutschsprachigen Raum“Bundestagspräsident Wolfgang Schäuble besichtigt die Ausstellung „Shared History - 1700 Jahre jüdisches


Lesser Ury

Lesser Ury is renowned as one of the leading modern artists in early 20th century Germany. His life and work is particularly associated with the city of Berlin.


Hugo Steiner-Prag

Famous for his surreal illustrations of supernatural books, Hugo Steiner-Prag worked tirelessly as an artist and educator throughout wartime Europe and New York.


Arno Nadel

Mainly a composer of synagogue music, Arno Nadel's rich artistic life as a conductor, poet, painter, and playwright in early 20th century Germany was tragically cut short during the Holocaust.

Holiday Baking and Hanukkah


Spitzbuben - a recipe from Marie Kauders's Vollständiges israelitisches Kochbuch. 1898

Holiday Baking and Hanukkah

Kleines Chocolade-Backwerk

Many German-Jews remember baking chocolate cookies on Hanukkah, like Marie Kauder's recipe for Kleines Chocolade Backwerk.