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34 Suchergebnisse für Leo Baeck

Die Rara-Sammlung der Bibliothek des LBI

E. M. Lilien

E.M. Lilien war ein internationaler jüdisch-österreichischer Künstler, der für seine Jugendstilillustrationen bekannt ist. Werke von E.M. Lilien befinden sich in der Bibliotheks- und der Kunstsammlung


Hélènemama's Austro-Hungarian Gourmet

The cookbook of Hélènemama was published in Romania in 1920 and contains luxurious Austro-Hungarian recipes.

Restituted Books

Texile Agent Felix Halberstadt

A book previously owned by Felix Halberstadt (1877-1942) was transferred by the State and University Library Hamburg to the library of the LBI New York as part of their Nazi Looted Assets Project.


LBI Sammlungen in Webportalen weltweit

Das LBI arbeitet mit verschiedenen Bibliotheken und Bibliotheksverbünden um unsere Bestände in diversen thematischen und fachlichen Kontexten auffindbar zu machen.

Passover in LBI Collections

The Offenbacher Haggadah

The Offenbacher Haggadah was published in a bibliophile edition of 300 copies in 1927. It was commissioned by the collector and lawyer Dr. Siegfried Guggenheim (1873–1961).


Lene Schneider-Kainer

Lene Schneider-Kainer lived an illustrious and adventurous life. Born in late 19th century Vienna, she traveled widely, all the way to China and photographed what she saw.


David Ludwig Bloch

David Ludwig Bloch, a deaf printmaker from Bavaria, created vivid depictions of life as a refugee in the Shanghai Ghetto in the 1940s and focused his attention on the Holocaust in his later career.

Restituted Books

Rabbi Ignatz Isaac Bick

Two books were restituted from the library of the Frankfurt Rabbi Ignatz Isaac Bick (1891-1965?) by the State and University Library Hamburg. His heirs donated them to the Leo Baeck Institute Library.


Johanna Meyer: The Radio Princess

Johanna Meyer-Lövinson (1874-1958) captivated audiences with her literature readings. She was one of the first women on the radio in Germany and a friend and promoter of German authors and literature.

Jewish Holidays in LBI Collections

Shavuot in LBI Collections

Shavuot commemorates two events–it celebrates the grain harvest in the ancient Kingdom of Israel and also commemorates the anniversary of the day when God gave the Torah to the people of Israel assembled at Mt. Sinai. The word Shavuot (or Shavuos ) means “weeks,” and marks the completion of the …