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34 Suchergebnisse für Leo Baeck


Julie Elias's Fashionable Cuisine

The Berlin fashion writer and salonnière Julie Elias (1866-1945) also published a trendsetting cookbook.


The John D. Schiff photographs collection

Highlights from the John D. Schiff Photograph Collection.


Bukovina Potato Strudel (Knish)

A recipe for a potato strudel or potato knish from The Bukovina Cookbook


Mina Pachter in Memory's Kitchen

A cookbook written from memory in Theresienstadt.


The Sisterhood of Congregation Habonim: Recipes Remembered

Recipes Remembered of The Sisterhood of Congregation Habonim, offers a look at how that community had evolved and adapted to life in New York City by the mid 1970’s, at least in culinary terms.


Digitalisierung und Konservierung von Zeitschriften

In 2011, the Library began a project to digitize the Library's periodical collection in order to increase access while at the same time preserving the original volumes—over 300 are now online.


Nobel Preisträger in LBI Sammlungen

Please find books, portraits, photographs and archival materials by or about Nobel laureates from the LBI Library, its Archives and its Art and Objects Collection. True to the Leo Baeck Institute’s mission, most physicians, scientists, authors or advocates for peace that are represented here were Jews from German speaking lands, …

Restituted Books

Biochemist Prof. Carl Neuberg

In 2013, the Central and Regional Library of Berlin (ZLB) restituted 40 volumes from biochemist Prof. Carl Neuberg’s former library. His granddaughters transfered them to the library of the LBI NY.

Die Rara-Sammlung der Bibliothek des LBI

The Battle of the Books: The Reuchlin-Pfefferkorn debate

A collection focused on the famous Renaissance controversy between the Christian Hebraist Johannes Reuchlin and the anti-Jewish agitator Johannes Pfefferkorn.

Die Rara-Sammlung der Bibliothek des LBI

George Salter (1897-1967): The Library of Book Designs

A collection of more the 300 books, book covers, and individual graphic designs shows the scope and development of the eclectic an innovative design talent of George Salter.