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Preserving Private Libraries at Leo Baeck Institute

Thanks to a generous grant of The Cahnman Foundation, the LBI Library is creating virtual inventories of three complete private German-Jewish libraries.


Library Collection Development Policy

I. Introduction The purpose of this policy is to define subject areas for collection development, and to determine how intensely we will collect in each area. The policy will be used to guide our decisions in purchasing, accepting donations and weeding. A. Objectives The mission of the library remains to ...


Digitalisierung der LBI-Bibliothek

The Leo Baeck Institut arbeitet fortlaufend daran, seine Bibliothekssammlungen noch zugänglicher zu machen. Dazu digitalisieren wir die wichtigsten Teile unserer Sammlungen. Die unten aufgeführten Digitalisierungsprojekte wurden möglich gemacht durch Partnerschaften mit dem National Endowment for the Humanities , dem Metropolitan New York Library Council und der Cahnman Foundation. Das Gruss ...


Digitization and Beyond: LBI Staff Report on Library and Archives Trends

LBI Library staff Renate Evers, Ginger Barna, Tracey Felder and Lauren Paustian engaged with current issues and developments in librarianship at several conferences in 2015 and 2016.


The library of Henry (Heinz) Wachs

In 2016, the LBI received the entire library of the designer and typesetter Henry (Heinz ) Wachs, who was born in 1916 in the Prussian province of Posen. Remarkably, along with the library, the collection includes a copy of a document listing most of the books, which was created to ...


Preservation in the LBI Library

Caring for a library of over 80,000 physical volumes is a hands-on job, according to Lauren Paustian, an associate librarian who handles many of the LBI Library’s preservation efforts. During “National Preservation Week” (April 26 – March 3, 2015), Paustian offered visitors to the Center for Jewish History (CJH) an ...


Preserving Yesterday’s News with the CJH and Frankfurt University Library

“Nothing is as old as yesterday’s newspaper,” goes the old bromide. Many of the newspapers preserved in the collections of the LBI are in fact more than a century old, and few other media in the library world show the ravages of time like newspapers, which were practically designed to ...

Die Rara-Sammlung der Bibliothek des LBI

George Salter (1897-1967): The Library of Book Designs

This collection of more than 300 books, book covers, and individual graphic designs shows the scope and development of the eclectic design talent of George Salter. George Salter is recognized as one of the most creative forces in modern book design. His innovative work, done for publishers during the Weimar ...


New Library Acquisitions

The LBI Library collects new scholarship and other works related to the history of German-speaking Jews. A rotating selection of recent highlights from among our new acquisitions appears above, and a more comprehensive selection is updated monthly on Pinterest .


Geschichte der Zeitschriftensammlung

Der Anfang der deutsch-jüdischen Presse Mendelssohn's Ha-Meassef (Der Sammler) (1783-1811) sollte die deutschen Juden für ihre Emanzipation ausbilden. LBI Library, B91. Deutsche Israelitische Zeitung (1884–1938), begründet von Seligmann Meyer, wurde weltweit von deutsch-sprachigen Orthodoxen Juden gelesen. LBI Library, B66. Die Presse der Reformbewegung und der Orthodoxie Periodika aus der neunzehnten ...

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