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Kindertransport—Additional Resources and Links

A curated selection of additional documents and links related to the Kindertransport to complement LBI and Yeshiva University Museum's exhibition.


Photograph Collection

The LBI Archives contain over 25,000 photographs ranging from family snapshots to the estates of professional photographers to albums assembled by Jewish communal institutions.


Richtlinien zum Aufbau der Bibliothekssammlung

I. Introduction The purpose of this policy is to define subject areas for collection development, and to determine how intensely we will collect in each area. The policy will be used to guide our decisions in purchasing, accepting donations and weeding. A. Objectives The mission of the library remains to …


Die Sammlungen des LBI bewahren das materielle und intellektuelle Erbe deutsch-jüdischen Lebens und umfassen Jahrhunderte Zentraleuropäischer Geschichte.

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