"The Blum Affair" (German: "Affaire Blum") is an East German drama film directed by Erich Engel. It was released in 1948.

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Soon after the end of the war, DEFA, the East German studio, and its directors explicitly sought to make a clean break with Nazi filmmaking, producing a wide range of antifascist films, including those dealing with the antisemitic roots of Nazism. Among them was The Blum Affair (1948) directed by Erich Engel, which tells the story of a 1926 court case in Magdeburg: Dr. Blum, a Jewish manufacturer, is falsely accused of a murder. The film investigates the intertwined anti-Semitism and conservative nationalism that existed in certain circles in Germany even prior to Hitler’s rule.

Discussant: Barton Byg, Professor of German & Scandinavian Studies and Founding Director of the DEFA Film Library University of Massachusetts Amherst

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