"Wie ich im Jüdischen Manhatten zu Meinem Berlin Fand" by Irene Runge. Germany. 2012.

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Irene Runge, courtesy Jüdische Gemeinde Berlin

Irene Runge, courtesy Jüdische Gemeinde Berlin

Irene Runge, sociologist and author, was born the daughter of German-Jewish émigrés in Manhattan in 1942.  In 1949, she returned to Berlin (East) with her parents, committed Socialists who wanted to help build a different kind of Germany in the newly founded German Democratic Republic (GDR).
In her new memoir, Runge shares peculiarities of the early GDR, tells the story of her own personal development, and recounts her visits to New York, the city of her birth.  She illuminates the complex Jewish-emigrant milieu of those who returned from exile in the West to the GDR following WWII and describes how she discovered her own Jewish identity.
Impressed by the diversity of Jewish experience in the everyday life of New York, Runge reflects on the repression of the Jewish reality in her own community’s past and Jewish life in present day Berlin.
Please join LBI for this rare opportunity to hear Runge discuss Wie ich im jüdischen Manhattan zu meinem Berlin Fand (Kulturmaschinen, Germany, 2012.)  This lecture and discussion will be in English.
Co-presented with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, New York.