Dr. Eric R. Kandel

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    Center for Jewish History

    15 W. 16th St.
    New York, NY 10011


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Join us in honoring  Dr. Eric R. Kandel, who will  accept the Leo Baeck Medal during a special evening  at the Center for Jewish History in New York.  Dr. Kandel is a neuroscientist whose work on the  molecular biology of memory opened new methods  of inquiry into the study of brain and mind. In 2000,  he won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for demonstrating how memories are formed  and stored at the molecular level. He is currently  a University Professor, Kavli Professor in Brain  Science, and a co-Director for the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute at  Columbia University. In addition to his ground-breaking work as a  brain scientist, Dr. Kandel is a keen observer of the  history of ideas who has consistently placed his  work on mind in the context of a larger cultural  history. His 2012 book  The Age of Insight  locates the  roots of his own quest to understand mind in the  cultural ferment of early-20th-century Vienna—the  city of his birth—where artists and scientists began a  revolution that expanded our conception of mind   to include both conscious and unconscious thoughts  and emotions. His 2006 memoir  In Search of  Memory  recounts his journey from a childhood in  Nazi-occupied Vienna to the forefront of a 21st-century revolution in the science of mind.

6:00 PM Reception in the Katherine and Clifford Goldsmith Gallery and Mezzanine
7:00 PM Speaking program with Eric Kandel in the Forchheimer Auditorium
8:00 PM Dinner and Award Ceremony in the Great Hall