Anton Graff, portrait of one of the Itzig daughters (probably Sara). In Peter Wollny, “Ein förmlicher Sebastian und Philipp Emanuel Bach-Kultus”: Sara Levy und ihr musikalisches Wirken (Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, 2010), 115. Reproduced from Otto Waser, Anton Graff von Winterthur. Bildnisse des Meisters (Leipzig, 1903).

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A group of elite, cosmopolitan Jewish women played a central role in shaping the dynamic cultural world of late 18th-century Berlin. Sara Levy, an influential salon hostess and performing musician interacted with important composers and intellectuals of her day. Professors Nancy Sinkoff (Rutgers) and Christoph Wolff (Harvard) comment on Levy’s life and times and the music performed in this concert.


Rebecca Cypess, harpsichord and fortepiano

Steven Zohn, traverso flute

Benjamin Shute, violin

Dongmyung Ahn, viola

Frederick Urrey, tenor

Yi-heng Yang, fortepiano

Christine Gummere, cello


Johann Joachim Quantz (1697–1773)

Quartet in E minor for violin, flute, viola, and continuo, QV 4:9





Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710–1784)

Fantasy in D minor for solo keyboard, Fk. 19


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)

Flute sonata BWV 1031, arranged for flute, violin, and continuo


Carl Friedrich Zelter (1758–1832)

“Kennst du das Land”

“Heiß mich nicht reden”

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1721–1783)

“Herz, mein Herz, sei ruhig”

Johann Philipp Kirnberger

“Wie wunderlich, mein guter Mann”


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)

Organ trio, BWV 526, arranged for harpsichord and fortepiano

[without tempo marking]




Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714–1788)

Quartet in D major for flute, viola, and fortepiano, Wq. 94


Sehr langsam und ausgehalten

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