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Albert Einstein laughing with Judge Irving Lehmann in Port Chester, New York
Albert Einstein sailing with Doctor Hermann Anschuetz-Kaempfe on the Kieler Förde
Albert Einstein in his boat "Tuemmler", October 29, 1929
Albert Einstein (seated far left) with classmates
Group portraits
Albert Einstein with unidentified man in Paris
Albert Einstein with David Rothman on the shore of Southold, Long Island
Albert Einstein sitting on a boat with David Rothman
Albert Einstein with Frank Aydelotte at Swarthmore College commencement ceremony; June 6, 1938
Albert Einstein with Donald Howard Menzel (left), George Birkoff, and Carl Shapley (son of Harlow Shapley) outside Harvard College Observatory; June 21, 1935
Group portraits
Albert Einstein with Charles Edward St. John at the Mount Wilson Observatory
Albert Einstein in his Princeton home with Rudolf Sonneborn, looking at the 200,000th State of Israel Bond purchased by Einstein; October 30, 1951
Albert Einstein and Alfons Blomme : next to Blomme's sketch of Einstein; May 8, 1933
Albert Einstein walking outdoors with J. Robert Oppenheimer
Portrait of Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein in the study of his Princeton home
Albert Einstein and his son-in-law Rudolf Kayser : in Einstein's summer home in Saranac Lake; August 10, 1940
[Portrait of a Man]
Unknown Artist
Paintings; Oil paintings
[Portrait of an Older Man]
Unknown Artist
Paintings; Oil paintings
Man smoking a pipe
Unknown Artist
Paintings; Oil paintings
Portrait of Goldschmidt Patriarch
Unknown Artist
Portrait of Dr. Bernhard Bardach
Gozdawa-Kawecki, Roman, 1868-1938
Oil paintings; Paintings
Portrait of Meier Grünbaum
Unknown Artist
Pastels; Paintings
Rabbi David Samuel Margules
Margules, Gabriele
Paintings; Oil paintings
Portrait of a Man
Gomez de la Vega
[Bust Portrait of a Man]
Greenfield, Yitzchak, 1932-