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Portrait of Anne Eidelbaum Freusdorf
Lichtenstein, Eva, 1895-1987, artist
Charcoal drawings; Drawings
Seated woman
Lichtenstein, Eva, 1895-1987, artist
Lithographs; Prints
[Woman by a Table Lamp]
Wolff, Kate, 1881-1968
Lithographs; Prints
Portrait of a Woman
Struck, Hermann, 1876-1944, artist
Oil paintings; Paintings
Portrait of Paula Beer Hofmann
Schlesinger, Hans, artist
Drawings; Pastels
Two women
Orlik, Emil, 1870-1932, artist
Lithographs; Prints
[Cut Paper Scene]
Wolff, Kate, 1881-1968
Cut-paper works; Silhouettes
"Nous Etions Trois Filles" [Cut Paper Scene]
Wolff, Kate, 1881-1968
Cut-paper works; Silhouettes
[Woman at the Window]
Herko, Berthold Martin, (German painter, active 1934-1972)
Paintings; Oil paintings
Portrait of Betty Paoli
Rahl, Carl, 1812-1865
Drawings; Mezzotints; Prints
[Portrait of Rose Regensteiner]
Unknown Artist
[Portrait of Nelly (Steinharter) Scharff with Gertrude and Liselotte]
Kaulbach, Fritz August von, 1850-1920
Paintings; Oil paintings
Portrait of Anna Reichenheim
Orlik, Emil, 1870-1932
Etchings; Prints; Drawings
Portrait of Johanna Meyer seated outdoors at the Bambergers' in Great Neck, New York
Friederike (Friedl) Roth, née Reichler : Snapshot in a park in France
Snapshot of Friederike (Friedl) Roth, née Reichler, in Berlin
Friederike (Friedl) Roth, née Reichler : seated on the base of a monument
Portrait of Friederike (Friedl) Roth née Reichler : Photograph of an oil painting; 1925
Studio portrait of Maria (Mania) Roth née Gruebel
Paula Grübel with her dog
Friederike (Friedl) Roth and Resia Grübel, Joseph Roth's cousin
Natalie Baeck, née Hamburger : next to a small boat on the shore
Portrait of Maja Einstein
Friedl Roth, née Reichler
Esther Lea Asher