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Research and Reference Services

Researchers can search LBI’s extensive library, archival, art, and photograph collections online, and significant portions of these collections have already been digitized. Thus, you can conduct much of your research independently from home. However, you may find that after identifying a resource online you have further questions about it. For ...

Staff Directory

Dr. Frank Mecklenburg

Dr. Frank Mecklenburg is Director of Research and Chief Archivist at Leo Baeck Institute, a research library and archive that documents the history and culture of German-speaking Jewry, primarily in the 19th and 20th centuries, but also including documents dating back to the middle ages. LBI was founded in 1955 ...

About LBI

LBI is committed to preserving and expanding access to this rich body of material, and it has digitized millions of pages of documents, books, and artworks from its collections—from rare Renaissance-era books to the personal correspondence of luminaries and ordinary people alike. LBI also promotes the study and understanding of ...


“We have wandered together a long, long way”—The Hans and Eleonore Jonas Collection

The Hans and Eleonore Jonas Collection contains, among other items, unpublished manuscripts, poems, and drawings by the philosopher Hans Jonas (1903–1993).


Leo Baeck Medal for Max Warburg

Leo Baeck Institute – New York | Berlin honored the Hamburg banker Max Warburg with the 2017 Leo Baeck Medal in a ceremony at the Center for Jewish History in New York on November 15, 2017.


A Voice Still Heard—Music and Musicians in LBI Collections

A new website highlights the stories of German-Jewish musicians, conductors, and composers based on items in the LBI’s art, archival, and library collections.


The Jonas Family of Hamburg: A story from the Kindertransport

The Hamburg attorney Julius Jonas supported his wife, Julie, and five children with a successful law practice until 1933, when Nazi racial policy immediately began to splinter the family. Julius lost his position as a notary when the Nazis purged Jews from the civil service in 1933, and his eldest ...


Julie-Marthe Cohen Discusses Provenance Research

When Julie-Marthe Cohen visited Jewish institutions in New York to present a new handbook on provenance research in March 2017, she did not feel assured of a warm reception. “People are very concerned about time and money,” said Cohen. Provenance research, while acknowledged as an obligation by professional ethics and ...


2018 Gerald Westheimer Career Development Fellows

Jason Lustig and Mirjam Thulin are the recipients of the 2018 Career Development Fellowships.


New Research Tool: German Refugee Rabbis in the United States, 1933–1990

A new online database tracks the careers and biographies of Rabbis who fled Germany for the United States, and LBI’s rich archival collections figure prominently in the linked sources.