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Family Research has Deep Roots at LBI

For over 25 years, our Family Research Department has provided guidance and assistance to family and community historians.



DigiBaeck is your gateway to LBI's digital collections, a growing treasury of artifacts that document the rich heritage of German-speaking Jewry in the modern era. DigiBaeck provides instant access to materials ranging from rare 16th century renaissance books to memoirs that document the experience of German-Jewish émigrés across the world ...


Listening to Records—The Jacob Jacobson Collection in Research

A glimpse of how an aspiring researcher makes use of the LBI archives.


Preserving Yesterday’s News with the CJH and Frankfurt University Library

“Nothing is as old as yesterday’s newspaper,” goes the old bromide. Many of the newspapers preserved in the collections of the LBI are in fact more than a century old, and few other media in the library world show the ravages of time like newspapers, which were practically designed to ...


Austrian Heritage Collection

A commitment to Austrian-Jewish history has been central to the Institute’s mission since its foundation in 1955. Approximately 30 percent of the archival and library holdings relate to Austrian history. In recent years, however, we have seen an increasing interest in the history of Austrian Jews. In response to this ...

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Your bequest will provide continuous support to LBI’s efforts to preserve and promote our world class archive, library, and art collection that document the history of German-Speaking Jews.


Accessing LBI Collections

LBI makes all of its collections available to the public for free. The main ways that users can search for and view materials in LBI collections are described below.


A Conversation with Henry Kaufman on Scholar Rescue

The LBI archives are full of references to scholars who escaped the Nazi threat with the aid of foreign benefactors. The political philosopher Hannah Arendt, the sociologist Werner Cahnman, and the writers Franz Werfel, Hans Sahl, and Lion Feuchtwanger are among the hundreds saved by the American journalist Varian Fry ...


Edythe Griffinger Art Catalog

Thanks to a gift from a trust under the will of the late Edythe Griffinger, LBI has launched a new project that highlights its Art and Objects collection. The grant funded not only the development of a new online portal for digitized artworks, it also supported the work of curators ...