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From Mendelssohn to Einstein, from Wolfenbuettel to New York (and back)—Jewish Paths to Modernity

This German adaptation of the LBI’s 2015 exhibition on the Wissenschaft des Judentums movement brought rare items from LBI collections back to their home region in Lower Saxony for the first time.


Crisis and Opportunity: The Cultural Impact of German-Jewish Refugees

In this exhibit, LBI profiles the experiences, struggles, and intellectual achievements of Nazi-era émigrés who came to the US.


Wissenschaft des Judentums: Jewish Studies and the Shaping of Jewish Identity

In the early 19th century, a Jewish scholars in Berlin began to apply historical and critical methods to the study of Jews and Judaism, calling their new field the “Science of Judaism."


1938Projekt | Posts from the Past

LBI presents the year 1938 through the eyes of Jews, whose personal documents detail their experiences and the hardships they suffered as well as the diminishing hope for Jews in Germany and Austria.

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