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Michael A. Meyer on the History of LBI

In this lecture, Michael Meyer illustrated how the LBI’s growing collection of 3.5 million documents, 80,000 books, and 8,000 artifacts and works of art has a distinct history of its own.


“German and Jewish”— A traveling Exhibition by Leo Baeck Institute in Germany

A new exhibition takes German Jewish archival objects on a journey through the land they once belonged to. Among them, chocolate cups of the Einsteins.

About LBI

LBI is committed to preserving and expanding access to this rich body of material, and it has digitized millions of pages of documents, books, and artworks from its collections—from rare Renaissance-era books to the personal correspondence of luminaries and ordinary people alike. LBI also promotes the study and understanding of …

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Donate Historical Materials

Even six decades after the founding of LBI, new materials are still being discovered, and we welcome donations of archival materials related to German-Jewish history.


Martha Minow urges us to “resist tyranny and revenge”

Minow spoke of “eerie parallels" between demagogues of the 30s and leaders who claim they alone can solve their nations' problems today.


David Sorkin—“We should not take those rights for granted”

On December 8, 2019, David Sorkin, gave the 62nd Leo Baeck Memorial Lecture at the CJH in New York. His topic was Jewish emancipation, the subject of his latest book.


Austrian Heritage Collection

The Austrian Heritage Collection documents the history of Austrian-Jewish émigrés who fled to the US during the Nazi years through oral history interviews and collection of archival materials.


Deutscher Bundestag on LBI's Shared History Project

An exhibition in the German Bundestag on the occasion of the commemoration day of the victims of National Socialism


History of the Periodicals Collection

The Leo Baeck Institute’s extensive periodicals collection was an integral part of LBI’s original collection and was built up from scratch by the Institute's founders in the post-war era. The periodicals collection was first described by Max Kreutzberger in the Institute's earliest published catalog issued in 1970. Kreutzberger wrote that …


Family Matters: In Chicago, Generations Gather for Intimate Look at Family Histories Preserved in LBI Archives

Marianne Dreyfus, the granddaughter of Leo Baeck, discussed her family’s history at LBI event in Chicago.