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Jewish Holidays in LBI Collections

High Holidays in LBI collections

The High Holidays Judaism’s High Holidays – the New Year, Rosh HaShanah, and the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur – are traditionally widely observed by many Jews all over the world. The Leo Baeck Institute holds a myriad of published and unpublished materials reaching back to the first half of …


Hélènemama's Austro-Hungarian Gourmet

The cookbook of Hélènemama was published in Romania in 1920 and contains luxurious Austro-Hungarian recipes.

Passover in LBI Collections

The Offenbacher Haggadah

The Offenbacher Haggadah was published in a bibliophile edition of 300 copies in 1927. It was commissioned by the collector and lawyer Dr. Siegfried Guggenheim (1873–1961).


Hermann Struck

Hermann Struck was a talented and well connected German-Jewish artist whose main discipline was lithographs and etchings, of both scenery and portraiture.


Alice Urbach's Stolen Cookbook

Alice Urbach was a single working mother of two whose cookbook So kocht man in Wien! was a bestseller until it was stolen during the Holocaust.


Lene Schneider-Kainer

Lene Schneider-Kainer lived an illustrious and adventurous life. Born in late 19th century Vienna, she traveled widely, all the way to China and photographed what she saw.

Rare Books

E. M. Lilien

E.M. Lilien was an internationally renowned Jewish Austrian artist, known for his Art Noveau style.


Lesser Ury

Lesser Ury is renowned as one of the leading modern artists in early 20th century Germany. His life and work is particularly associated with the city of Berlin.


David Ludwig Bloch

David Ludwig Bloch, a deaf printmaker from Bavaria, created vivid depictions of life as a refugee in the Shanghai Ghetto in the 1940s and focused his attention on the Holocaust in his later career.

German-Jewish Childhood in the Stacks

Inventing German-Jewish Children's Literature - Part 1

Exploring the beginnings of German-Jewish children's literature with the first textbooks published for German-Jewish children.