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Alice Urbach's Stolen Cookbook

Alice Urbach was a single working mother of two whose cookbook So kocht man in Wien! was a bestseller until it was stolen during the Holocaust.

Rare Books

Jewish Calendars

The LBI Library has in its collection hundreds of Jewish calendars published from as early as 1754 to the 21st century.

Restituted Books

Biochemist Prof. Carl Neuberg

In 2013, the Central and Regional Library of Berlin (ZLB) restituted 40 volumes from biochemist Prof. Carl Neuberg’s former library. His granddaughters transfered them to the library of the LBI NY.


A Visit to the German Literature Archive in Marbach

This June, I visited the German Literature Archive in Marbach (Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach – DLA), where I gave a talk about traces of emigrant libraries in the collections of the LBI and spent a week learning about the activities and holdings of the leading repository of sources related to German-language …


Are There New Ways of Reading the Bible in the 21st Century?

The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization Editor and Biblical Scholar Alison Joseph will join in conversation with Professor Deborah Dash Moore about new ways to read the Hebrew Bible.


Progress Filling Gaps in Frankfurt Wissenschaft des Judentums Collection

LBI collaborates with the Frankfurt University Library in Germany to digitally recreate what was the largest collection of books on the Wissenschaft des Judentums before it was scattered in WWII.

Restituted Books

Rabbi Ignatz Isaac Bick

Two books were restituted from the library of the Frankfurt Rabbi Ignatz Isaac Bick (1891-1965?) by the State and University Library Hamburg. His heirs donated them to the Leo Baeck Institute Library.

German-Jewish Childhood in the Stacks

Inventing German-Jewish Children's Literature - Part 1

Exploring the beginnings of German-Jewish children's literature with the first textbooks published for German-Jewish children.

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Donate Historical Materials

Even six decades after the founding of LBI, new materials are still being discovered, and we welcome donations of archival materials related to German-Jewish history.



A culinary journey into LBI's rich collections of cookbooks & handwritten recipes of German-Jewish Leckerbissen.