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Stuffed Chicken from 1896

A mouthwatering stuffed chicken recipe from 1896.


The Sisterhood of Congregation Habonim: Recipes Remembered

Recipes Remembered of The Sisterhood of Congregation Habonim, offers a look at how that community had evolved and adapted to life in New York City by the mid 1970’s, at least in culinary terms.


Three Matzo Kugels

Matzo kugel have been a reliable way to transform a food that is frankly richer in ritual significance than flavor into a true treat for centuries.



DigiBaeck represents LBI's digital collections, a growing treasury of artifacts that document the rich heritage of German-speaking Jewry in the modern era


A German Breakfast from 1896

German-Jewish pancakes and French toast were once served as main courses or desserts but evolved into delicious brunch dishes.


Julie Elias's Palets de Dames

Julie Elias's recipe for Palets de Dames.


Hélènemama's Erdbeer-Gateau

This deceptively decadent "strawberry cake" is delicious and easy to make. Fresh strawberries make it the perfect cake for summer.


Bukovina Potato Strudel (Knish)

A recipe for a potato strudel or potato knish from The Bukovina Cookbook