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Prince of the Press: David Oppenheim and His Library

Joshua Teplitsky introduces his new book about one of the world's largest collections of Jewish books and the man who used his collection to cultivate power, prestige, and influence.


Martin Luther and Antisemitism

A panel examines Martin Luther’s changing opinion on Jews as well as the impact of the Reformation on Christian-Jewish relations in the 16th century


Midwives, Musicians, Soldiers, Rabbis: Whose Stories Will Become Jewish History?

A discussion to explore The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization, Vol. 6: Confronting Modernity, 1750-1880 , edited by Elisheva Carlebach. Join Elisheva Carlebach, Deborah Dash Moore, Dara Horn, and Itamar Borochov, in a discussion of Confronting Modernity, 1750-1880, vol. 6 of The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and …


1938Projekt: Developing Holocaust Curriculum in a Challenging Environment

Join us as we discuss the changing landscape of Holocaust education and explore the 1938Projekt lesson modules as one tool that can provide relevance to student


Two Great Families And Their Temple: The Strauses, The Lehmans and Temple Emanu-El

Join us for a virtual presentation about the Straus Family, their relationship with the Lehman family, and their commitment to their synagogues, Temples Emanu-El and Beth-El.


The Flight Portfolio

Author Julie Orringer speaks with  Jewish Week ’s Sandee Brawarsky and Jonathan Wiesner of the International Rescue Committee about her new novel based on the Varian Fry story.


The Role of Scholarship in Shaping Jewish Identity

Scholars discuss the movement launched by Jewish scholars in 19th century Germany who brought academic disciplines like history, philology, and anthropology to bear on sacred texts and rites.


Burning Words – A History Play by Peter Wortsman

“Burning Words” is a dramatization of the 16th-century controversy between the humanist scholar Johannes Reuchlin and Johannes Pfefferkorn, a convert from Judaism who sought to burn Jewish books.


DigiBaeck – Celebrating 500 Years of German-Jewish History Online

On October 16, 2013, Leo Baeck Institute unveiled DigiBaeck – a nearly comprehensive digital archive encompassing more than 3.5 million pages of documents from German-Jewish history.

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