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Chelsea Music Festival: Ye Eun Choi, Trio Imàge perform Mahler, Schoenberg, Kagel, Korngold

Violinist Ye-Eun Choi is a 2005 recipient of the Anne Sophie Mutter Foundation Scholarship.

The Chelsea Music Festival and Leo Baeck Institute present an evening of music by Mahler, Schoenberg, Kagel, and Korngold. Leo Baeck Institute houses a rich archive of manuscripts and letters of German and Austrian musicians of Jewish descent – including three of the above composers – who helped shape modern music.

Artur Schnabel, Pianist and Composer 1882 – 1951

Postcard from Artur Schnabel to Max Kowalski, April 16, 1921. “Dear Kowalksi, will you be in Wiesbaden when Therese will sing Mahler Lieder and my own, 'Notturno'?”

Known more for his communicative and emotional playing than technical mastery, Artur Schnabel eventually made recordings of all 32 Beethoven piano Sonatas which are still prized for their musicality despite inaccuracies. As a composer, he embraced a much more modern aesthetic.