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Leo Baeck Memorial Lecture: Bismarck and the Growth of Modern Anti-Semitism in Germany

Otto von Bismarck

Thursday, December 15, 2011 6:30 pm Professor Jonathan Steinberg is the author of the highly acclaimed new book Bismarck: A Life. Steinberg describes the political genius of the man who dominated his era. Bismarck’s belief in Prussia’s cohesion and authority, and in a nationalism that could be put to good use, ultimately led to Germany’s tragic 20th century.

Leo Baeck Memorial Lecture: Michael Brenner: “The politics of Jewish historiography: How to construct a usable past”

Michael Brenner, of the University of Munich discussed research from his new book “Prophets of the Past.” “Prophets” is the first book to examine in depth how modern Jewish historians have interpreted Jewish history. Brenner reveals that perhaps no other group has used their shared history for so many different ideological and political purposes as the Jews.