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Counted and controlled

Dillkreis county conducts a survey of its Jewish population


On July 18, the commissioner of Dillkreis county in Hessen instructed the mayors of the cities Herborn, Dillenburg, and Haigern as well as police officials of the county to conduct a statistical survey of the Jewish population in their communities every three months. An official of the city of Herborn received the memorandum ordering the count and made notes showing that 51 Jews lived in the city on June 30, 1938. Three Jews had left their homes in the prior quarter. These local censuses of the Jewish population complemented other surveys that tracked the movement of Jews on a national level. To monitor and control the Jews in the country, the National Socialists used a variety of administrative tools, such requiring Jews to declare their financial assets, carry identification papers at all times, or change their names.



Deutsches Historisches Museum


Survey circulated by the County Commissioner of Dillkreis (Landrat des Dillkreises) regarding the census of Jewish residents, completed for the city of Herborn ; Inv. Nr. Do2 88/1738.4


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