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An ordinary eulogy in a time of immeasurable loss

Max Kirschner honors Hedwig Waller

Frankfurt am Main

A mere 20 years had passed since the end of World War I, during which Dr. Max Kirschner, a Frankfurt physician, had been decorated with the Iron Cross—remarkably, for extending aid to enemy infantrymen. Yet the fact that Kirschner had fought in the War as one of 100,000 German Jews, 12,000 of whom lost their lives, did not in the long run improve his standing with the authorities. In his eulogy for Hedwig Wallach, scion of an old Frankfurt family, he praised the deceased’s quiet devotion to her husband, her lively interest in her children and the quiet bravery with which she had borne her illness.



Jüdisches Museum Berlin


Speech of Max Kirschner on the occasion of Hedwig Wallach's funeral, Kirschner Family Collection


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