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Arthur Nikisch was born on the 12th of October 1855, into a Jewish family in Hungary. In 1866, Arthur Nikisch began his studies at the Vienna conservatory of Music, where he won prizes for violin and piano performances. In 1878 he moved to Leipzig where he became the second conductor of the Leipzig Opera. After a short stint in Boston, Arthur Nikisch returned to his native Hungary in 1893, to become the conductor of the Hungarian Royal Opera. In 1895, he became the director of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra and thus moved back to Leipzig. Starting in 1913 he began working with the Berlin Philharmonic, a relationship that he would continue until his death in 1922 in Leipzig.

Eugene Spiro, born Eugen Spiro (April 18, 1874, Breslau, Silesia - September 26, 1972, New York City) was a German and American painter best known for his portraits and landscapes. He studied sculpture at the Breslau Academy and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. In 1904 Spiro was briefly married to the famous actress Tilla Durieux. In 1914 he returned to Berlin from Paris and worked as a draftsman Cartographic Section of the General Staff of the Army during WWI. With the rise of National Socialism, he decided to emigrate to Paris in 1935 where he tried to establish himself as a portrait painter. In 1940 he was forced to flee again, this time to New York. He exhibited regularly and taught at Dartmouth College. He died in 1972 in New York.

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Spiro, Eugen, 1874-1972: Arthur Nikisch Conducting (1855-1922), Leo Baeck Institute Art and Objects Collection, 78.557.

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Spiro, Eugen, 1874-1972

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