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Biographical Information

Arthur Galliner was born October 9, 1878 in the East Prussian village Zinten, to Jonas Galliner and Lina Galliner (born Pianikowski). He had seven siblings, two of whom were Rabbis. Galliner received his first education in Zinten by attending primary school (Volksschule). After graduation he moved to Berlin, where he received his teacher training at the Jüdische Präparanden- und Lehrerbildungsanstalt. Afterward he worked for two years as an assistant teacher at several Jewish schools in Berlin, and since 1900 at the Philanthropin school in Frankfurt. During the course of his career, he received further training. He first studied at the Königliche Kunstschule in Berlin, then at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. In Munich he also received private lessons from artists such as Hermann Groeber (1865-1935). Having obtained his baccalaureate (Abitur) in 1915, he went on to study art history and German philology at Frankfurt University. He later started working for several years as a lecturer and academician for the Frankfurt Federation for Popular Education as well as for the Frankfurt Jewish Lehrhaus. After the Nazi takeover in 1933 he was massively persecuted, and in 1938 discharged from school service. After being temporarily imprisoned in 1939 he emigrated to England, where he worked as an art teacher at Ellesmere College. In 1947 he became a naturalized citizen, and settled in London, where he had run his own art gallery. From 1947 to 1950 he worked as a lecturer at London Hammersmith School of Art, later at the Borough Polytechnic. Galliner painted mostly watercolor landscapes as well as portraits of important Jewish personalities such as Leo Baeck, Lazarus Goldschmidt, and Martin Buber. He exhibited in different galleries in Germany and England. In addition, his work has been showcased in more than 50 exhibitions in England. Some of Galliner’s original work is now held by the Royal Library of Denmark. He died December 12, 1961.

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Galliner, Arthur, 1878-1961: The Wyle Cop Shrewsbury, Leo Baeck Institute Art and Objects Collection, 78.227.

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Galliner, Arthur, 1878-1961

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