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Biographical/Historical Information

Jacob Picard was born in Wangen, Germany in 1883. He started writing poetry while studying law in Berlin, Munich, and Heidelberg; his first articles were published before 1914. Picard served in World War I, when two of his brothers were killed. After the war, he practiced law in Konstanz and Köln until 1933, and he published his poetry under the pseudonyms “J.P. Wangen” or “Jakob Badner. Picard worked for Central Verein from 1922 to 1939, when he published his work “Der Gezeichnete” (The Marked One), which described the lives of Jews in rural Germany. In 1939, Picard escaped Germany and travelled to the United States via Russia and Japan. He made his home in the U.S. for 18 years, and in 1958, he returned to Europe, where he remained until his death in Konstanz, Germany on January 10, 1967.

The sculptor and surrealistic painter Margarethe Garthe wass born in Kassel, Germany, in 1891. She started her career in Stuttgart, before moving to England in 1952. Margarethe Garthe died in Beckenham (London) in 1976.

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Sculpture of Jacob Picard, Leo Baeck Institute, F 3993Y.