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Biographical/Historical Information

The poet and playwright Ernst Lissauer was born on December 10, 1882, in Berlin. His first collection of poetry, “Der Acker” was published in 1907. In 1914 at the beginning of World War I, he wrote “Hassgesang gegen England” (‘Song of Hate against England’), the poem that brought him most fame. As a playwright, his biggest success was the comedy “Gewalt”, which was performed for the first time in Frankfurt in 1924. In 1923, Lissauer moved to Vienna, where he stayed for the rest of his life. Ernst Lissauer died on December 10, 1937.

The Austrian sculptor Gustinus Ambrosi was born in 1893 in Eisenstadt; he died 1975 in Vienna.

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Büste Ernst Lissauer / Gustinus Ambrosi, Leo Baeck Institute, F 27124.