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"The picture was taken on November 13, 1922 at the residence of the famous Chinese painter and calligrapher Wang Yiting (1867-1938) in Shanghai. Chinese, German and Japanese scholars and celebrities attended the banquet in honor of the Einsteins. Among those seen on the photograph is the president of Shanghai University, Yu Youren (1879-1964) and former Beijing University professor Zhang Junmai (1886-1969), the painter, Einstein's Japanese hosts Mr. and Mrs.Inagaki, Mr. and Mrs. Pfister (he a German colleague of Einstein's), and a German speaking Chinese couple with a pretty 10 years old girl whose declamations of German and Chinese poems Einstein much enjoyed." (from AE's diary, November 14. 1922).

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Albert and Elsa Einstein at the home of the Chinese painter and calligrapher Wang Yiting; November 13, 1922, Leo Baeck Institute, F 13759.