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The physician and dermatologist Dr. Samuel Jessner from Königsberg (1859-1929) was the father of the theater director Fritz Jessner.

Eva Lichtenstein was born in Koenigsberg in 1895, the daughter of Justizrat Dr. Max Lichtenstein and his wife Johanna. Her artistic talents were recognized when she was a teenager, and she studied at the Kunstakademie in Koenigsberg under Professor Heinrich Wolff and briefly, in 1915, under Hans Hofmann in Munich. In 1920, she married Leo Freyer and moved to Berlin. The couple immigrated to New York in 1939. Her artistic work focused on portraits of people with different backgrounds, including her family and friends and members of the German working class. She experimented with various media, such as charcoal and pencil, oil, watercolor, and lithography.

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Lichtenstein, Eva: Portrait of Dr. Samuel Jessner, Leo Baeck Institute, 2001.11.

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