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Biographical/Historical Information

Meier Grünbaum (1786-?) was a merchant in the town of Rotenburg on the Fulda in Hesse. Details of his life are still somewhat sketchy to date, but it is known that he was married to Fromine Wertheim and the couple lived directly opposite the Rotenburg synagogue. Among the local Jewish population, he paid the highest taxes in the 1830’s, the 1840s and the 1850s, which indicates that he must have been quite affluent. Meier and Fromine Grünbaum had no children, unlike Meier’s brother, Mentel Grünbaum (1779-1859), who had six children (three sons: Feist, Salomon, and Heinemann and three daughters: Sprinzchen ( married Heine Wertheim), Bräunchen (married Sander Levi), and Serlinchen (married Joseph Heinemann).

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Unknown Artist: Portrait of Meier Grünbaum, Leo Baeck Institute, 2002.18.