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Georg Bernhard (1875-1944) worked as chief editor of "Vossische Zeitung" in Berlin. He was also involved in the liberal Deutsche Demokratische Partei and served in the Reichstag from 1928-1930. In 1933 he was forced to emigrate to Paris, where he founded the exile newspaper "Pariser Tageblatt." In 1941 he fled to New York where he lived the rest of his life.

Gertrud Sax-Bernhard (1885-1962) was a painter of still lifes, landscapes and portraits. She received her initial training with Martin Brandenburg and Leo von König in Berlin and was a member of the Association of Women Artists and the Association of Visual Artists in Germany. She emigrated to Paris after the Nazis came to power in 1933. She had numerous exhibits in Paris as well as Nice and participated in shows organized by the artists' organization Artistes Libres together with Eugene Spiro and other prominent émigré artists. In 1939 she married Georg Bernhard, the noted journalist, who was interned in the internment camp of Bassens near Bordeaux the following year. She and her husband came to New York in 1941 with the help of Varian Fry, who secured a visa for them. Further information on Sax-Bernhard's activities after her emigration to the U.S. could not be ascertained.

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Sax-Bernhard, Gertrud: Georg Bernhard, the artist's husband, Leo Baeck Institute, 77.51.

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