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Biographical/Historical Information

Hermann Sudermann (1857 – 1928) was a German playwright and novelist, also writing for the Berliner satirical magazine ‘Lustige Blätter’.

Walter Trier was a German-speaking Jewish illustrator best known for his illustrations for the children's books of Erich Kastner and and the covers of the magazine Lilliput. He was born in Prague and moved to Berlin for school, where he studied under Franz Stuck and Erwin Knirr and spent most of his career. Trier bitterly opposed the Nazis and emigrated to London in 1936, where he worked with the Ministry of Information in the creation of anti-Nazi leaflets. He moved to Canada in 1947 to be closer to his daughter, and passed away in 1951.

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Trier, Walter: The old Sudermann and the young Sudermann, Leo Baeck Institute, 78.349.