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Biographical/Historical Information

Felix Braun was an Austrian writer. He became a Privatdozent of German Literature at Univeristy of Padua and in Palermo. In 1935, he converted from Judaism to Catholicism. His work was banned by the Nazis and he fled to the UK in 1939, where he taught literature and art history. In 1951 he returned to Austria.

Emil Stumpp was born in Neckarzimmern in 1885. He studied briefly in Karlsruhe, but was largely self-taught. He was active as a painter and lithographer in Königsberg. In 1941 he died while being held as a political prisoner in Stuhm (now Sztum, Poland).

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Stumpp, Emil: Portrait of Felix Braun (1885-1973), Leo Baeck Institute, 78.576.