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Adolph or Adolf (Aaron) Jellinek was born into a Jewish family in Derslawitz, Moravia (Drslavice, Czech Republic) on June 26th, 1821. He decided to pursue a rabbinical career by first filling a variety of clerical positions in Leipzig snagogues from 1845 to 1856, after which he became a preacher at the Leopoldstädter Tempel in Vienna. Jellinek was associated with the promoters of the New Learning within Judaism and wrote on the history of the Kabbalah in the tradition of Western scholarship. He is also known for his work in German on Abraham ben Samuel Abulafia, one of the earliest students of Kabbalah, who was born in Spain in 1240. Jellinek’s most important works were devoted to Midrasch; ethnic psychology; and synagogue oration. He died in Vienna on December 28th, 1893.

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Schmid, Hermann: Rabbi Adolph (Aaron) Jellinek, Leo Baeck Institute, 86.45.

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