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Biographical/Historical Information

Samuel Maximilian (Max) Rieser (1893 – 1981) was a Jewish lawyer and philosopher.

Emil Lüthy (1890-1966) was a painter and one of the first members of the Swiss Psycho-Analytical Society. In his capacity as painter he was consulted by Rorschach in matters of art psychology. He was born in Basel in 1890. Before 1914 he studied 3 years in Munich. At the start of the war he returned to Basel and attended the private art school of Hermann Meyer, which served as a meeting place for various returning artists. Later, he visited Florence, Vienna, and Paris. Referred to Otto Meyer-Amden and strongly influenced by Lyonel Feininger, he became familiar with figure drawing, also created masterly still life and landscape paintings. Emil Luethy died in Basel in 1966.

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Lüthy Emil: Dr. Max Rieser (1893-1981), Leo Baeck Institute, 92.8.