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Biographical/Historical Information

Arthur Segal was born in Jassy, Romania in 1875, moving to Berlin in 1892 to study art. After his studies there and in Munich, Segal traveled extensively though Italy and France to explore the major art movements of the time - Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism, and Futurism. In 1910, he co-founded the "Neue Sezession" in Berlin; he had a major exhibit of his work in Zurich in 1920; and after his return to Berlin he founded his own painting school and became one of the directors of the Novembergruppe, a loose association of artists, musicians and writers.Following a ban on exhibiting his art, Arthur Segal left Germany in 1933 and moved to Mallorca, Spain. Later, he emigrated to London and succeeded in opening another painting school. Arthur Segal died in London in 1944.

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The artist Arthur Segal with his works in London, Leo Baeck Institute, F 60292.