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Biographical/Historical Information

Hans Wertheimer was a German-Jewish businessman, who was a survivor of the Dachau concentration camp. He and his wife, Margot Malachowski Wertheimer, immgrated to the U.S. where he worked as an insurance broker.

Richard Ingel was a German portrait painter, whose speciality was his ability to complete drawings in one sitting. He primarily painted celebrities, politicians, and royalty in Berlin. In 1935, he and his family moved to Baden-Baden and then immigrated to the Netherlands in 1937 to escape Nazi rule. However, he was forced by the Gestapo to divorce his wife and was arrested along with his son, Ralph, and forced to work in Germany. After the war, he went back to painting and attempted to immigrate back to the Netherlands with his son, but the plan was halted when Ingel died in 1947.

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