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Biographical/Historical Information

Schemaja Maas was born in 1746 in Cassel. He married Guetel (née) Landau. He had two children and was the uncle of Jewish educator Samuel Meyer Ehrenberg, who was his sister-in-law's son. He died in 1821.

The portrait of Hale Meyer (cataloged at 77.25a) painted by the same artist has an inscription engraved on the back of the frame (not a signature), giving the name of the painter as: "I.Schroeder, Maler." Since there seems to be no painter by that name active in 1815, if the inscription is correct, it suggests the hand of a goldsmith, Johannes Wilhelm Schroeder, 1784-1847, who worked in Lubeck.

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Schröder, Johann W.: [Portrait of Schemaja Maas], Leo Baeck Institute, 2017.13.