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In Bavaria, counter-revolutionary and anti-Prussian affects combine after the Räte period. Right-wing extremists declared the state a "German Order Cell. These circles see the breaking off of the Passive Resistance in the Ruhr as a national betrayal. As a prelude to a major uprising, Ludendorff and Hitler and their followers attempt to occupy the Munich ministries on November 9, 1923. State Commissioner General Gustav von Kahr and Reichswehr General von Lossow, who had initially flirted with this coup, withdrew at the last moment and alerted the Reichswehr and the police. Their gunfire halts the march of the putschists in front of the Feldherrnhalle. There are 16 dead. Hitler is arrested, sentenced in spring 1924 to 5 years' imprisonment in a fortress (legal minimum sentence) and released on parole in December 1924. Ludendorff is acquitted. On the term "November criminal". Translated with (free version)

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Proklamation, Leo Baeck Institute, r (f) DD 232.5 A7 1963 [II.25].