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Unlike his famous sibling, Albert Göring was an ally to the Jews

“Since in the meantime a significant calming has occurred, I do not believe that there will be any danger for you or for your brothers. If, however, should this situation occur again, you can count on me at any time.”


Unlike his older brother Hermann, the holder of several senior positions in the NS government and a notoriously brutal hater of Jews and dissidents, the engineer Albert Göring abhorred Nazism and was prepared to act on his convictions. He refused to join the party and demonstratively adopted Austrian citizenship. A resident of Vienna, he is said to have joined Jews, who after the Anschluss were forced to perform the humiliating task of scrubbing the pavement, and he did not hesitate to help victims and political opponents of the regime. In this letter to the Jewish lawyer, Dr. Hugo Wolf, he communicates his impression that “a significant calming” had taken place and his assumption that the danger was past. He also promises help in case of need.



Leo Baeck Institute – New York | Berlin


Max and Margareta Wolf Collection, AR 10699


Box 1, folder 2


on the days before