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The Trial

Jewish Cultural Association features a play about Arab-Jewish reconciliation


After Polish-born Shulamit Gutgeld’s return to Palestine from several years of study in Berlin with the greats of German theater, Erwin Piscator and Max Reinhardt, she changed her name to Bat Dori – “daughter of my generation” or “contemporary.” And that she certainly was in a very conscious way: her plays were highly political and attuned to the events of the day—so much so that the British mandatory authorities forbade the performance of her 1936 play, “The Trial,” which called for peace between Jews and Arabs and was critical of the British. The Berlin branch of the Jüdischer Kulturbund, however, decided to produce the play. The document shown here is an invitation to the May 8 performance at the Kulturbund-Theater on Kommandantenstraße under the direction of Fritz Wisten.



New Synagogue Berlin – Centrum Judaicum


Invitation to the premiere of The Trial, a play by [Shulamit] Bat-Dori, adapted by Herbert Friedenthal, at the Theater of the Jewish Cultural Federation, Kommandantenstrasse 57; CJA, 1 D Gr 1, Nr. 10, #13322, Bl. 13


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